Throughout his career as a lecturer, economist, industrialist and director of research and development organizations and today as consultant, Jean-Pierre HAUET has been in direct contact with the most recent developments in many technical fields.
Within KB Intelligence, he offers his scientific, technical and industrial experience to help companies and investors involved in deveopment projects or co-operations with a high technological content.
He is currently chairman of ISA-France, Scientific Counsel at Equiilibre des Energies, Member of the Board and emeritus member of SEE, Chief Editor of REE and columnist for Passages.


Publications and papers

Interview : A propos de la parution du Livre "Comprendre l'Energie" 26 juin 2014 - Editions l'Harmattan.

Speaking events
N°1: RCF (mp3 - 5'56)
N°2: Vallée FM – 19 décembre 2006 (mp3 - 6’45)
N°3: Société d'encouragement de l'indusrie nationale – 13 juin 2016 (video 2'41)
Israël - Environmental Policy Center - July2010
Decarbonizing Power and smart grids
Video N°1: 9'58
Video N°2: 9'50
Video N°3: 9'49
Energy situation in Israël and Middl-East- Akadem - 12 janvier 2017 - Vidéo (12')





Sustainable development